The Death of Business Intelligence

The rise of the cloud in BI: How to take advantage

Posted in Business Intelligence by TheLondonEconomic on September 2, 2013

The cloud is becoming ever-more important in the world of business intelligence so it is important to know how to take advantage.

Business intelligence (BI) software is a concept that more and more business across the world are getting a hold on, using the analytics technology to steal a march on the competition and get ahead of the game.

However, despite the innovative nature of BI itself, there are always new developments, and this has meant changes that companies need to stay on top of – one of the most pertinent of these has been the rise of cloud-based BI software.

The cloud allows business to access this technology from anywhere in the world, allowing for remote working from home and business trips, which can cause large-scale savings throughout a number of years, but how do businesses take advantage of these advances and make sure they are using them to their advantage?


There is no doubt that in its infancy BI technology was something aimed at largely the biggest companies around the world, as those with the deepest pockets were able to shell out on what was an expensive luxury.

However, as it has developed and prices have come down, and particularly since the technology moved into the cloud, it has become something far more accessible to smaller firms as well.

To make the most of this, it is vital to shop around and do some research before committing. A smaller outlay on the right BI technology for the job can end up making all the difference to the bottom line.


With any cloud technology, security becomes an issue. While with office-based software, someone more often than not has to be present to take advantage of any security lapses, the cloud can allow for cyber attacks more commonly.

For this reason, businesses need to ensure that they are choosing a vendor with a good track record for things like encryption and ensuring that only the right people have access to the cloud. This can stop vital information from being leaked to the wrong people and damaging the business.

Training staff well can also ensure that security is high. If they are going to be working on the cloud for the first time, it’s vital that they know how to keep the data they use safe and not risk it being accessed by unauthorised parties.

Mobile access

Being able to access the cloud over mobile channels is one of the biggest advantages of the modern age, and so ensuring that your BI vendor can provide this is an absolute necessity.

All staff will have access to mobile phones and tablets, so it can be great to put these to good use and get the maximum amount of work that businesses can from their staff. When people are travelling between offices or on business trips, having access to BI via the cloud will ensure that they can still work and capitalise on their time away from the workplace.


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