The Death of Business Intelligence

Advantages of mobile BI

Posted in Uncategorized by TheLondonEconomic on July 26, 2013

Mobility is paramount in the contemporary corporate world and it is no longer practical to run operations from the confines of an office-based desktop.

An interesting column in the BBC’s Magazine recently tracked the history of the office in Britain, finding that the earliest usage of office space was The East India Company, which required a space to manage their increasingly expanding empire. With paperwork and bureaucratic duties accompanying the company’s growth as a trading company, East India House in London became the earliest form of the modern ‘headquarters’ we recognise today, used to process information and make decisions about things taking place thousands of miles away.

Indeed, The East India Company were responsible for pioneering many traits of modern commerce. ‘Working hours’ and clerical duties around the office were also formed in these early stages, and even work-related stress came about as workers struggled to accept their new roles spending each day copying out letters and accounts with no prospect of promotion. But reflecting on the modern corporate sphere, one gets the impression that the foundations laid by the old trading company are being gradually eroded, as businesses acclimatise themselves to a new mobile world.

The obsolete office

Remote working has long been a desirable concept, but it is only recently that it has been facilitated by technology. Phones and emails are customary components on modern phones, but managers require the entire business to be at their fingertips if it is to become fully mobile. DS Panel’s Performance Canvas mobile BI Server offers users mobile access to dashboards, scorecards and other forms of business intelligence through a high performance server platform with an integrated zero-footprint design studio. Here’s why it pays to go mobile:

– Keep in touch: managers can keep in touch with the business situation and communicate with teams in real time to initiate action.

– Easy dashboard and scorecard formulation: It is quick and easy to create performance dashboards or scorecards based on the defined business terms using nothing but a web browser responding to a new business need.

– Always connected: Performance Dashboard and Scorecards can be shared with other users by emailing a simple link.

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group in May, the key advantage for companies is an increased ability to gain business insights (52 per cent), followed by more information during customer interactions (43 per cent), and increased mobile employee productivity (27 per cent). The survey found 57 per cent of respondents are considering deploying a mobile BI strategy, with 62 per cent of these planning to implement it over the next 12 months.

Firms slow to capitalise on mobile BI

But although more than half of organisations are mulling a mobile BI strategy, few are taking the initiative and implementing one. That was the results from a recent study of 500 organisations conducted by Jaspersoft. They found that despite 85 per cent of respondents recognising the advantages of accessing BI tools on mobile devices, only eight per cent have deployed it so far, prompting experts to say that more urgency is needed in the market in order for the benefits of a mobile workforce to be recognised.

If you looking to augment your existing product line with a well established, high quality and low priced BI and Planning solution, Performance Canvas has already been embedded by NASDAQ-listed enterprise vendors as well as private software companies. Contact us to find out about the benefits of embedding Performance Canvas into your software today!


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