The Death of Business Intelligence

Dashboards and politics; BI at number 10

Posted in Uncategorized by TheLondonEconomic on July 23, 2013

The private sector function of business intelligence dashboards may soon be transferred into the public realm as world leaders look to get an up-to-date, detailed view of current events affecting their jurisdictions.

British prime minister David Cameron has collaborated with the government’s internal IT team to create an application that keeps track of live data relating to areas such as jobs, the economy and housing. Using a typical business dashboard, the PM is presented with a range of valuable information with a few swipes of his tablet device, which can help inform on vital decisions and could transform several public office duties if successful.

Making data palatable has become a vital component of business intelligence systems as more managers without data backgrounds look to capitalise on the wealth of data available to make informed decisions. In order to make this possible, forging better relations with the IT department is crucial, which is precisely what Mr Cameron has looked to achieve in 10 Downing Street.

However, in the private sector, this marriage of business leaders and technology experts has yet to come to fruition. A recent study by revealed that there is a mismatch between IT and business users in terms of expectations and delivery of BI projects. At the centre of the mismatch is confusion over what business managers want from their BI projects until after the project is completed. This happens when the information isn’t up-to-date and isn’t accessible, leaving key data lost in translation.

Simon Ryan of said the difference between successful BI projects and unsuccessful ones is when “IT has anticipated that users will want more and have chosen a BI or dashboard solution that is fast to build, with a pricing structure that does not penalise successful adoption, which can accommodate any internal or external data source without complex data modelling, and can be deployed to any PC, tablet or smartphone.”

DS Panel’s Performance Canvas is a complete business intelligence solution designed to give end users the power to create and modify visual analytics and dashboards, to answer any question at any time. Users can create new dashboards or work on existing ones right from their favorite mobile device, democratising information and putting key insights into the hands of decision makers.


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