The Death of Business Intelligence

Interpreting 2.5 quintillion bytes

Posted in Uncategorized by TheLondonEconomic on July 16, 2013

IBM estimate that 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data is generated every day, but how can companies exploit the possibilities of big data?

There is an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data generated every day, but despite growing familiarity with big data, many firms are unsure of its uses within the corporate sphere.

The big data explosion resulted from the voluntary divulgence of information from billions of internet users across the globe. Presented with lemons, the tech industry immediately set about making lemonade by creating analytical tools that place more insight than ever before directly in the hands of decision makers, who are suddenly waking up to the immense possibilities being presented to them.

Allen Bonde, founder of Small Data Group, told Business Technology that in order for big data to be relevant, insights need to be presented in a way anyone can grasp. He says: “With data, it’s like in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where you are looking for a number which is the meaning of life.

“But with big data, you need to know that number, but also how that number was derived. And you then need to explain the insights from that in a way everyone can understand.”

New technology and analytical tools are making more sophisticated work possible and placing new powers in the hands of decision makers. Once the preserve of data scientists and IT experts, businesses managers, financial controllers and many other professionals have the tools to explore a range of crucial information in order to make informed decisions.

DS Panel offers complete business intelligence solutions designed to give end users the power to create and modify visual analytics and dashboards, to answer any question, any time! The 360 degree planning models place easy-to-interpret data in the hands of the appropriate professionals, creating streamlined processes, eradicating waste and generating revenue.


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