The Death of Business Intelligence

Operational Intelligence: There’s no time like the present

Posted in Uncategorized by TheLondonEconomic on July 15, 2013

New research by Aberdeen Group shows real-time operational intelligence provides decision makers with the ability to identify opportunities for improvement and recognise risk.

New research by Aberdeen Group has confirmed the ability of operational intelligence in identifying opportunities and recognising risk, but highlights that unless the information is up-to-date, companies may be overlooking vital indicators.

‘Real-Time Operational Intelligence: There’s No Time like the Present’, prepared by Peter Krensky, senior research associate in Aberdeen’s Business Analytics practice, revealed that operational intelligence is now providing decision makers with the ability to identify opportunities for improvement and recognize concealed risks. However, business threats and broken processes can linger unnoticed for dangerously long periods if the information provided is not up-to-date or relevant.

The finance department is confronted with the fast-paced, ever changing nature of the contemporary corporate world on a daily basis, which is why having the relevant data to support their duties is crucial. According to Aberdeen Group’s research, organizations with  real-time operational intelligence achieve 160 per cent improved inventory turns, and increase the frequency with which they obtain information within the decision window.

The data also highlights the ability of real-time information in driving revenue while reducing costs. By identifying and correcting problems faster, companies utilising real-time software  maximize output, leading to an 11 per cent improvement in cash generated from operations, the research found. What’s more, the ability to act on relevant information allows these firms to better make deadline-driven decisions, with almost a third (29 per cent) of firms using such solutions likely to have the relevant information on hand in crucial periods compared to firms without.

DS Panel’s Performance Canvas is a flexible platform that can work with multiple businesses and industries. With its end user driven visual analysis and Excel-based planning solution, the learning curve is low enough for every business to gain insights into their customers, suppliers, partners and even their own operations. The information is up-to-date and relevant, ensuring that all areas are covered.


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