The Death of Business Intelligence

Job cuts and BI cuts at Microsoft – PerformancePoint terminated – Microsoft leaves the BI application market

Posted in Crisis & Turmoil, Microsoft by janmorath on January 23, 2009

Microsoft made a grand entrance to the BI market with its PerformancePoint server. Aimed primarily at the high-end market the server has been a first version of a complete BI planning application package. Together with 5000 job cuts Microsoft now terminates the PerformancePoint server. Completely scrapping the Planning, the remaining parts Monitoring and Analytics will be rolled up into the giant Office SharePoint server in its Enterprise CAL edition which is the place where Excel Server lives. Microsoft is thereby going back to its roots integrating the remains of its BI offering into the Office platform.

Where will Microsoft head with BI now?

This news leaves a lot of unanswered questions

  • Will the BI focus of the SharePoint team be sufficient for Microsoft to be a major player on the BI applications market?

  • Will current and future customers trust the Microsoft BI strategy to be a core business asset?

  • Will partners that have made huge investments in PerformancePoint be able to transition these into the new offerings?

  • Will there ever be another Microsoft BI conference?

  • Or as Chris Webb says “Perhaps the future is Gemini? Who knows…”

In these exciting times one thing remains true. The SQL Server team continues to deliver the greatest Microsoft BI product around. Which is a comfort to all of us in the Microsoft partner community!


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